You and yours are cordially invited to join us for a Fun, Fund Raising Clubhouse Regatta Event on Saturday 28th March.

If you have never done one of these before, they are huge fun, and a great way to support your club whilst having a great time and potentially winning a bit of cash, and for some it will be the first race of the year!

Making up part of the fund raising activities to help with the move to our new clubhouse, we are organising a Regatta Race Night in the clubhouse from 7:00PM on Saturday 28th of March.

The race format is boats competing against each other. “Buy” a yacht for entry in the races. Entry is £30 per yacht per race. There will be a series of 10 races during the night. Each race will have up to 6 boats, won or lost by the fall of a pair of huge dice, to plenty of cheering and jeering….. umpires may be required. Each race will have 6 model boats moving one place up the course on a roll of the two dice. Lanes 1 to 6 will correspond to the die number so each number represents one place, total of 6 moves per boat to win.( If double is rolled that boat moves two places).

With a good crowd, food and drinks (no membership discounts so 20% of bar sales go to the club), this is sure to be an excellent one off night, with the chance to win a bit of cash won on the tote of £1 per ticket whilst making a massive difference to the new clubs fixtures and fittings.

Generous members are also sponsoring each race @ £150 a time, as an individual, boat or business.

And that just leaves the support from our fabulous and committed members….. (that’s you!) to put the date in your diary, tell your friends and crew (guests welcome), buy a boat, put on your gambling hat and drinking boots and come join us to create a fab atmosphere in the club on the night whilst making a huge difference in the future and look of your new clubhouse coming soon.

We hope to count on your support, for the club and to make this a great night.

Hope to see you there.

Phil Thomas, Commodore

Published: 13th July 2015