Pursuit Events are a form of ‘competition’ to challenge sailing skills where a course to sail is designed to complete within a pre-determined timescale of 100minutes – No sooner and no later.  Each boat will set-off at an allotted time; the ‘start’ time will be dependant on the boat characteristics – a “faster” boat will start at a later time leaving the “slower” boats to start earlier.  At the 100minute time the boat nearest to the finish point is deemed the winner.  Wine prizes are awarded.  A sailing event organised in this way gives each participating boat an equal chance of winning – Will it be you..? 

Please send us an email to confirm your interest in taking part in these BMYC Pursuit Events.

13th August – Pursuit Event. Please be at the Clubhouse 08:30hrs to 09:10hrs to book-in.

17th – 20th August – Eastbourne Airbourne http://www.visiteastbourne.com/airbourne/
The most amazing air show on our doorstep.  Cruisers will be going over to Eastbourne in the morning to anchor up in the designated viewing area ready to watch this fantastic air show FREE from the sea, with optional overnight stays at Sovereign Harbour marina afterwards.

Eastbourne Airshow confirmed – please register with Chris at cruising@bmyc.org.uk by Monday 14th Aug

– plan to leave Brighton at 0700 19th August to arrive on or before Red Arrows display at midday
– anchor in the bay and watch the show all afternoon
– overnight in Sovereign Marina – dinner planned at Sovereign Harbour Yacht Club
– return to Brighton leave 1000 Sunday morning

Each event will have a briefing session beforehand (in some cases formal) – but mostly informal.