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Races involving yachts of mixed design (and hence, performance) are scored via applying a Time Correction Factor to the elapsed time achieved by each competing boat, rather like a Golf Handicap. At BMYC we race under two Time Correction Factor (TCF) regimes, IRC and NHC. IRC is an internationally recognised rating system organised by the Royal Ocean Racing Club [RORC]; whilst NHC (National Handicap for Cruisers) is operated by the Royal Yachting Association (RYA).

All boats competing in races promoted by BMYC will be scored via the NHC system; many boats also compete under IRC; I.E. a boat may be ‘dual scored’ with two sets of results and the chance of two sets of prizes awarded at the prize giving dinner.

A boat may compete under IRC only when a current Rating Certificate is submitted to the BMYC Race Committee; Rating Certificates are issued by the RORC Rating Office.

Boats racing under NHC must have a TCF provided by the BMYC Race Committee. Each boat starts off with a base TCF (NHC Base) determined according to the published RYA data or calculated via the published RYA formula. TCFs applied to a boat in any race is known as ‘Club Number’ and is subject to recalculation after every race based on the boat’s performance as defined by a precise methodology. The end of series calculation determines the boat’s new Club Number from whence the process repeats all over again…

The BMYC race committee decided to have separate NHC TCFs (in addition to NHC Base) running concurrently, for each of the different racing formats; I.E. Sunday, Wednesday, Coastal, Offshore and Regattas as the competition and circumstances of each type of event can vary significantly.

For more information on the BMYC National Handicap for Cruisers Scheme please refer to the Racing Information page of this website: