Current series officers

The current list of series officers is shown below. If you cannot perform the duties for a series, please let the rear commodore racing know as soon as possible.

Series title Officer(s)
Frostbite Series 2017 Jennifer MacGregor
Spring Series 2017 Paul Dupret
Coastal Series 2017 Matthew Holmes
Early Summer Series 2017 Alex Laurie
Pursuit Series 2017 Matthew Holmes
Autumn Series 2017 Neil Angel
Winter Series 2017 Colin Scarff
Frostbite Series 2018 Colin Scarff
Regattas 2018 Alex Laurie
Pursuit Series 2018 Alex Laurie

Series officer duties

  1. Every week, well in advance of the race, contact the designated race officer to remind them of their duties, ensure they are prepared and have sufficient crew to assist them.
  2. Every race day, attend the yacht club about 1½ hours before the start of the race and ensure race officer is in attendance and preparing the race.
  3. Give advice and supervision to the race officer as required.
  4. Check the course once decided by the race officer that it is of sufficient quality and complies with the advice in the race officer guidelines.
  5. Sign the course when you have approved it.
  6. If the race produces any protests or requests for redress, then arrange a protest committee, preferably on the same day. If however, you are a party to the protest or request for redress, request a deputy (e.g. race officer) to arrange the committee.
  7. Check race results when produced to ensure they are correct.
  8. Ensure that series results are calculated and are correct.
  9. If a race is not run due to poor weather, decide whether the race should be run on a subsequent week and if so publicise this information by verbal notice and by e-mail. As a general principle, Wednesday, fun offshore and speciality races will be cancelled rather than postponed, while Sunday races will usually be postponed to the next Sunday on which there is normal racing, when two races will be run.
  10. Give out any notices about coming events e.g. Club Class.
  11. If you are unable to attend the yacht club on the day of a race, arrange a deputy to perform the above duties.