The Social Calendar shows the events which have been organised at the club over the next few weeks. Those marked ‘booked events’ are when members have a function planned for friends and family. During these events members who are not part of the event are always welcome to come to the club and use the members’ area at the north end of the bar. Food will be available during the galley opening hours, although the menus during these events may vary. The booked events described also show the approximate numbers attending and whether there is a DJ or live music, so all members can decide whether they wish to attend the club on these evenings.
       This month’s quiz on Friday 24th November is to support member Mark Threadgold’s recent ascent of Kilimanjaro to raise funds for Blind Veterans UK. Among Mark’s other personal achievements are three world records. The first came in 2002 when he became the world’s fastest blind circumnavigator of the Isle of Wight in a rigid inflatable boat, travelling 57.74 nautical miles in just 1 hour and 50 minutes. In 2003, Mark set the Water Speed World Record in the Ultimate Blind Class when he drove a blade runner offshore racing powerboat across Windermere, reaching 99.19 mph. Later, in 2006, Mark set the record for the deepest scuba dive and closed-circuit rebreather dive by a blind person after diving 103 metres in the Red Sea.